Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quote Of The Day : What's Your Take On The Fuel Situation?

"One major deposit in the Rocky Mountain West (oil shale leasing) alone would equal current annual oil imports for more than 100 years," Bush said. "Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress are standing in the way of further development."
"I ask them to reconsider their positions," he said. "If congressional leaders leave for the Fourth of July recess without taking action, they will need to explain why $4-a-gallon gasoline is not enough incentive for them to act.

Bush also reiterated his desire to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling, saying scientists have developed ways to reach this oil in northern Alaska with little impact on the land or local wildlife.


greenpeace2 said...

WOW We could chat all day on this one, I started riding my bike again, it gets 50 miles to the gallon, I am one of those folks that is trying to cut back on my gas consumption, I havent bought gas for my jeep since I went to Texas,(Memorial Day Weekend), I filled it up to get to the airport. I am disgusted at the price of gas and the reasons for it!!! I think more people should cut back on their gas usage if they can. It hurts the whole economy because people cant afford to go and do things, we are spending our money on gas.

Nora said...

Out of curiosity, who do you blame? The President? Congress? Democrats? Republicans? Oil Companies? Arabs?

Melanie said...

I blame all of us. We've known for years that we need to be more energy independent, but everyone was too lazy to make changes and push our elected officials to do something about it. But now that it's hurting us financially (in a big way!) we're up in arms.

If we can build space stations, we can make a car that gets 50 or 100 miles to the gallon. So even though it's hurting us personally (Damon drives all over New England every day for work....) I actually think it's a good thing because we're finally forced to deal with our energy problems.

Chris C. said...

Bush is full of it as usual. If you have the facts on your side, you don't feel compelled to misrepresent, misinterpret and mislead.

greenpeace2 said...

I blame you Greenpeace-1!!!

Those against drilling for oil that we know is there. We shouldnt have to depend on anyone for our oil when there are pleanty of reserves under our own soil. Lets quit hugging those trees and dig for oil.