Thursday, June 05, 2014

2014 Belmont Contest - Let's Make History!

OK, Handicappers, Here's the contest:
Pick the top three finishers in the order that you think they will finish. You will receive 10 points for each horse that finishes in the top three PLUS an additional 50 points if you have the horse in the right finish position.

1. Third (10)
2. First (10)
3. Second (10) is worth 30 points

1. First (10 + 50)
2. Third (10)

3. Second (10) is worth 80 points

There is the possibility to get 180 points by picking the top three in the right order.

1. Medal Count
2. California Chrome
3. Matterhorn
4. Commanding Curve
5. Ride On Curlin
6. Matuszak
7. Samraat
8. Commissioner
9. Wicked Strong
10. General A Rod
11. Tonalist

Monday, May 19, 2014

Derby + Preakness Contest Standings

Nora of the North - 154
Nora (me) - 114
Conard - 109
Ben - 99
John Baldwin - 98
Kara - 81
Bob Carr - 59
Little Conard - 54
Amy - 42
Dad - 27

Well played Nora North! One more contest to go.

Friday, May 16, 2014

2014 Preakness Contest

For the Preakness contest, you will only be picking two horses:
1. Pick the horse you think will win (50 pts.)
2. Pick the horse you think will finish last (50 pts.)

Any person who gets both the winner and the last placed horse will win 100 points and two Preakness glasses. All points earned will be added to your Derby points and carried over to the final contest, the Belmont Stakes. The one with the most points for all three races will win the Triple Crown contest and be the proud owner of the Triple Crown glass set. Here are the entrants:

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Derby Contest Results

Nora, 64 pts
Bob Carr, 59 pts
Conard, 59 pts
Nora North, 54 pts
Little Conard, 54 pts
Ben, 49 pts
John Baldwin, 48 pts
Amy, 42 pts
Kara, 31 pts
Dad, 27 pts

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Welcome to the Annual Horse Circle Kentucky Derby Contest.

This contest is free to play and the winner will recieve a Kentucky Derby glass. The rules are:
Each contestant will pick FOUR horses. Points will be assigned as follows:
1st - 20 pts.
2nd - 19 pts.
3rd - 18 pts.
4th - 17 pts. .... all the way down to last place receiving 1 pt. This contest is open to anyone who wants to play. Post your picks under comments. Here are the entries and Good Luck to all of you who play!

11Vicar's in Trouble (LA)3/CLR Napravnik126M J Maker30/1
22Harry's Holiday (KY)3/CLC J Lanerie126M J Maker50/1
33Uncle Sigh (NY)3/CLI Ortiz, Jr.126G C Contessa30/1
44Danza (KY)3/CLJ Bravo126T A Pletcher10/1
55California Chrome (CA)3/CLV Espinoza126A Sherman5/2
66Samraat (NY)3/CLJ L Ortiz126R A Violette, Jr.15/1
77We Miss Artie (ON)3/CLJ Castellano126T A Pletcher50/1
88General a Rod (KY)3/CLJ Rosario126M J Maker15/1
99Vinceremos (KY)3/CLJ Rocco, Jr.126T A Pletcher30/1
1010Wildcat Red (FL)3/CLL Saez126J Garoffalo15/1
1111Hoppertunity (KY)3/CLM E Smith126B Baffert6/1
1212Dance With Fate (FL)3/CLC S Nakatani126P Eurton20/1
1313Chitu (KY)3/CLM Garcia126B Baffert20/1
1414Medal Count (KY)3/CLR Albarado126D L Romans20/1
1515Tapiture (KY)3/CLR Santana, Jr.126S M Asmussen15/1
1616Intense Holiday (KY)3/CLJ R Velazquez126T A Pletcher12/1
1717Commanding Curve (KY)3/RLS Bridgmohan126D Stewart50/1
1818Candy Boy (KY)3/CLG L Stevens126J W Sadler20/1
1919Ride On Curlin (KY)3/CLC H Borel126W G Gowan15/1
2020Wicked Strong (KY)3/CLR Maragh126J A Jerkens8/1
Also Eligibles:
2121Pablo Del Monte (FL)3/CLJ Sanchez126W A Ward50/1