Sunday, June 08, 2008

Belmont Contest Results

Thanks again to all who played. It is unfortunate not to see a Triple Crown winner emerge from this race, but it was a thrilling 3 weeks leading up to it. The race results were:

First: Da Tara

Second: Denis of Cork

Third: Anak Nakal/ Ready's Echo (Dead Heat)

I would like to commend Joan C. for being the only one to have picked Da Tara. (and the only player brave enough to NOT use Big Brown in her top three!) Nice call on that one , Joan! Also, I would like to apologize to Nora of the North for not answering your email soon enough for you to change your picks. Now, without further ado, here are the results:

Ben - 213

Chris - 164

HT - 154

Conard - 143

Joan - 123

Amy - 115

Nora - 112

Hope - 110

Kara - 104
Mel - 88

Damon - 87

Anonymous - 50

Sophie - 49

Little Howie - 47

Big Howie - 44

Woodotter (Mark) - 37

Emma - 37

Nora of the North - 33

Courtney - 29

Ethan - 25


Nora said...

Chris, do you feel like you are "always the bridesmaid but never the bride?"

Ben said...

I think you forgot Mel in the final tally.

Ben said...

Oops, forgot to log Ben out. It's really me, Kara.

Nora said...

You're right... I put her in.

joanc said...

Nora, thanks for the nice compliment. If only I had rearranged the finish order.........

Melanie said...

I meant to change my picks once I heard Casino Drive was scratched, but I was franticly cleaning the house and getting ready for a dinner party we were hosting. We stopped all our party prep just to watch the race and turned it off immediately after that disappointing finish. What a shocker.

Two questions...
Nora: What are your thoughts on Big Brown's poor finish?

Joan: What was your reasoning for NOT picking Big Brown? Just a hunch? Trying for a long shot?

Nora said...

I didn't think he would win either, that,s why I picked him for third. Arrogance and inexperience won't get you across the wire first. I think he was bothered by the heat and didn't like the depth of the track. (or maybe he was taking revenge on Dutrow for talking too much smack before the race!)

joanc said...

Melanie - Mainly the Belmont track. It is long and it is deep - with Big Brown's hoof problems no matter the weather he was going to have a hard trip.

Also, I can't stand Dutrow - knew and liked his father, but -the son is just a druggie jerk.

Conversely, the reason I picked the winner is that I have loved Nick Zito and his horses for years.

Kara said...

I looked up my score from last year and it was exactly the same: 104. Also noteworthy, Ben has set a new record for this year with 213 pts. Damon was the overall winner last year with 176 pts. Pop finished 3rd both years in a row, but improved his score this year by 30 or so pts. Pretty interesting.

Melanie said...

I think my handicapping hit it's pinnacle when I was maybe 10 years old. If I remember correctly, Joan C. was visiting and placed the bet for me and I won $40. Not bad for a rookie. Since then, it's all kind of gone down hill for me!