Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quote Of The Day

“No, I don’t. Not one little bit. There’s a right way and a wrong way. You win with class and you lose with class.”

David Carroll, trainer of Belmont Stakes (G1) runner-up Denis of Cork, when asked if he felt bad about conditioning a horse that helped spoil a Triple Crown bid. Carroll went on to explain that he was not pleased with Richard Dutrow Jr., trainer of dual classic winner Big Brown, for his disparaging comments about the three-year-olds competing against Big Brown


Melanie said...


Main Entry: hu·bris
Etymology:Greek hybris
Date: 1884

: exaggerated pride or self-confidence
— hu·bris·tic \hyü-ˈbris-tik\ adjective

Melanie said...

Hello? As in where was Dutrow during the mythology section of 10th grade English???

Nora said...

What response are you trying to provoke from me?

Chris C. said...

Personally, I was rarely able to evoke the response I was looking for from you, Newi.