Friday, May 16, 2008

Quotes From Maryland

“I’m always hoping Nicanor will be as good as Barbaro. I’ve
gone down twice to see him since he got to Fair Hill. It’s fun to be
down there, fun to be around him. When I see him, there is a certain
happiness and sadness combined. It’s a very emotional thing
for me. When I see him, I like to rub my hands down his legs. It
makes me feel like I’m back in touch with Barbaro.”

Owner Gretchen Jackson, in the New York Times, on Nicanor,
a two-year-old full brother to Barbaro who is currently in training
with Michael Matz at Fair Hill Training Center

“I don’t have a 13th stall; it’s stall 121⁄2. Hopefully, after Saturday it’ll
be my favorite number.”

Eddie Plesa Jr., trainer of Hey Byrn, who drew post 13 for the Preakness
Stakes (G1)

“It’s Icka-baad, but hopefully after Saturday it’ll be Icka-bad as in
bad for the people who bet Big Brown.”

Jockey Jeremy Rose on how to pronounce Icabad Crane’s name

“With all the truth stretching going on today maybe we should install
a confessional near the paddock.”

Cardinal Edwin O’Brien, archbishop of Baltimore

“Kenny McPeek bought the horse and he brought him down to the
speedway to show me. It happened to be on the day that Dale Earnhardt
Jr. was down there practicing. He had just taken off in his car
and the horse broke loose from Kenny, and low and behold when they
passed the finish line, the horse was in front. …
If he comes back to the same race, I think we’ll

Jerry Carroll, who owns Kentucky Speedway
in Sparta, Kentucky, joking about his inspiration
for the name Racecar Rhapsody

“Somewhere over the limit.”

Legendary Maryland-based trainer King
Leatherbury when asked for his age

“We’re always behind in our bar bill.”

Co-owner Don Stanley, explaining the name for Coolmore Lexington
Stakes (G2) winner Behindatthebar

“It looks like it’s Big Brown’s party. I’m glad to be part of it and [to]
see what happens."

Paddy Gallagher, trainer of California Derby winner Yankee Bravo,
who most recently finished fourth in the Santa Anita Derby (G1)
—complied by Jeff Lowe


D-Man said...

Love the quotes. Maybe you should make that a regular post!

Nora said...

Thanks. They don't always have good quotes and usually there is only one. I'll try searching a little harder in the future.

re: the first quote about Barbaro's full brother, Nicanor:
I got to see (and pat) Nicanor a few months ago at John Stephen's training center here in Ocala. He was very big and pretty, and much darker than Barbaro in coloring. His nose was velvetty soft and you could tell he thought he was "the man!"