Thursday, May 15, 2008

2008 Preakness Contest

Attention players!

For the Preakness contest, you will only be picking two horses:

1. Pick the horse you think will win (50 pts.)

2. Pick the horse you think will finish last (50 pts.)

Any person who gets both the winner and the last placed horse will win 100 points and two Preakness glasses. All points earned will be added to your Derby points and carried over to the final contest, the Belmont Stakes. The one with the most points for all three races will win the Triple Crown contest and be the proud owner of the Triple Crown glass set. Here are the entrants:

1. Macho Again

2. Tres Borrachos

3. Icabad Crane

4. Yankee Bravo

5. Behindatthebar

6. Racecar Rhapsody

7. Big Brown

8. Kentucky Bear

9. Stevil

10. Riley Tucker

11. Giant Moon

12. Gayego

13. Hey Byrn


Melanie said...

First: Big Brown
Last: Kentucky Bear

Jere said...

First: Gayego
Last: Yankee Bravo

Nora said...

Amazingly, Jere picked my two horses! (ask Kara, I told her those two yesterday afternoon) It's back to the drawing board for me.

Amy said...

First: Giant Moon
Last: Hey Byrn

greenpeace2 said...

First Big Brown
Last Behind at the Bar

Nora of the North said...

First: Gayego

Last: Icabad Crane

Chris C. said...

First: Big Brown
Last: Macho Again

Chris C. said...

I feel pretty good about it too.

Chris C. said...

Just for kicks:
1. Big Brown
2. Gayego
3. Kentucky Bear
4. Stevil

joanc said...

First - Big Brown
Last - Yankee Bravo

Kara C. said...

First: Big Brown
Last: Stevil

This is a tough one.

Kara C. said...

Just for fun with Chris:
1. Big Brown
2. Kentucky Bear
3. Yankee Bravo
4. Giant Moon

Conard said...

First: Big Brown
Last: Giant Moon

Nora said...

First : Gayego
Last : Riley Tucker

Nora said...

Just for kicks:
Big Brown
Hey Byrn
Icabad Crane

Anonymous said...

I say Big Brown All the way
Icabad Crane
Yankee Bravo
Kentucky Bear
Raphosdy Race car last!

Ben said...

First: Big Brown
Last: Riley Tucker

HT said...

First: Big Brown
Last: Giant Moon

Melanie said...

Can I change my picks??

First: Big Brown
Last: Tres Borrachos

D-Man said...

First: Big Brown
Last: Racecar Rhapsody

Melanie said...

Way to go Newi and Ben!

What an amazing horse!!

Kara said...

Is this right, Newi?

Ben - 153
Chris C - 104
Kara - 104
Joan C. - 103
Greenpeace2 (Hope) - 100
HT - 94
Nora - 92
Damon - 87
Conard - 83
Melanie - 78
Amy - 55
Anonymous - 50
Sophie - 49
Little Howie - 47
Big Howie - 44
Woodotter (Mark) - 37
Emma - 37
Nora of the North - 33
Courtney - 29
Ethan - 25
Jere - 0