Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quote Of The Day

“Instead of having a Breeders’ Cup Classic [Powered by Dodge
(G1)] that has the best horses from the last two or three Triple
Crown seasons—imagine what that field would be like—racing
buries or hides its heroes, and then wonders why no one goes to
the track anymore. This sport doesn’t need a committee. It needs
an intervention.”

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Ford


Kara said...

Nicely said!

D-Man said...

I don't really understand this I missing something?

Nora said...

Take out the line "imagine what a field like that would be like". That line was a bit of an aside and made the sentence awkward. He is saying that instead of continuing to run, the top 3 year olds retire. If they were to stay running you would have great older horse racing that people would know the horses. Like Big Brown against Curlin,
Street Sense, Hard Spun, Barbaro (if he didn't die), Afleet Alex, Smarty Jones... in other words, the public would have something familiar to root for and would fing horse racing more interesting and exciting. Get it?

Nora said...

PS: I know thats really you, Mel!