Thursday, May 22, 2008

Campaign Earth Challenge's

Sorry... I have been forgetting to post the latest Campaign Earth challenges. Here is a re-cap of all of the challenges I have done so far...
1. Cut Down on Junk Mail/ Catalogs
2. Replace Lightbulbs To Compact Flourescent
3. Wash Clothes In Cold Water
4. Proper Tire inflation
5. Walk Instead Of Drive For Short Trips
6. Increase Recycling Efforts
7. Support Local Farmers
8. Buy A Jacket For/ Replace Water Heater (and set to lower temp)
9. Use Products Made From Recyled Paper
10. Take Public Transportation Or Carpool


Melanie said...

I recently bought 5 or 6 reusable grocery bags from my local grocery store, so I'm using those instead of plastic bags. I'm also trying to remember to bring them into other stores when I shop, like Target, etc..

Kara said...