Friday, May 16, 2014

2014 Preakness Contest

For the Preakness contest, you will only be picking two horses:
1. Pick the horse you think will win (50 pts.)
2. Pick the horse you think will finish last (50 pts.)

Any person who gets both the winner and the last placed horse will win 100 points and two Preakness glasses. All points earned will be added to your Derby points and carried over to the final contest, the Belmont Stakes. The one with the most points for all three races will win the Triple Crown contest and be the proud owner of the Triple Crown glass set. Here are the entrants:


Nora said...

First: California Chrome

Last: Kid Cruz

Kara said...

First: California Chrome
Last: Pablo Del Monte

Nora said...

John Baldwin picks:
California Chrome to win

Pablo Del Monte to “also ran”

Nora from the North said...

1st California Chrome

Last Ria Antonia

Benjamin Clark said...

Win: California Chrome

Lose: Weekend Ring

Nora said...

Conards picks:
California Chrome first
Pablo del Monte last

Nora said...

Congratulations Nora North! 100 points. Everyone else 50 points.