Monday, August 02, 2010

Horse Circle Comes Full Circle

Exciting news here at Horse Circle! Catch Rikki is back home with me. As many of you know, this blog started as a tribute to my old race horse, Certain Circles, who not only raced for me (and bought this farm!) but who also lived here through his retirement years.

(Certain Circles)

Now Rikki is the new farm mascot. He was racing in New Jersey on sore legs. I had written a letter to the trainer offering my help with Rikki's past history and offering to give him a home if he couldn't race anymore. A few weeks later she called me and said I could have him. The owner paid the shipping to get him here and was thrilled to find him a good home. (thanks David from Hypertrader Racing!)

Right now Rikki is on R+R. He was a very tired and sore horse when he got here but I think he is starting to feel better now that he has had some rest and paddock turnout. He is still being pampered... I keep him in the stall under a fan during the heat of the day and he gets turned out at night. He really likes looking at the mares and baby and talks to them first thing when he gets turned out. I suppose it's possible for him to race again after some time off and healing, but no matter what, he has a home here for life.


Melanie said...

Welcome home, Rikki!

Kara said...

He looks great! I remember us all visiting you when he was just a foal on the farm.

Chris C. said...

that is so cool