Friday, June 04, 2010

2010 Belmont Contest

OK, Handicappers, Here's the contest:
Pick the top three finishers in the order that you think they will finish. You will receive 10 points for each horse that finishes in the top three PLUS an additional 50 points if you have the horse in the right finish position.

1. Dave In Dixie
2. Spangled Star
3. Uptowncharlybrown
4. Make Music For Me
5. Fly Down
6. Ice Box
7. Drosselmeyer
8. Game On Dude
9. Stately Victor
10. Stay Put
11. First Dude
12. Interactif


Nora said...

1st- Ice Box
2nd - First Dude
3rd- Stately Victor

Kara said...

1st- Ice Box
2nd- Interactif
3rd- Fly Down

Conard said...

1st - Ice Box
2nd- Stay Put
3rd - Make Music For Me

Kara said...

Lanie's fashion picks (based on the jockeys' silks)
1st: Game On Dude
2nd: Stately Victor
3rd: Interactif

Joan C said...

1. Ice Box
2. First Dude
3. Fly Down

Kara said...

Ben's picks:
1st: Stay Put
2nd: Uptowncharlybrown
3rd: Fly Down

Melanie said...

1st - First Dude
2nd - Stately Victor
3rd - Drosselmeyer

Nora from the North said...

1st Dave in Dixie
2nd Make Music for Me
3rd Fly Down

John Baldwin said...

John Baldwin
1. Ice Box
2. Fly Down
3. First Dude

Greenpeace (Hope) said...

1st - Ice Box
2nd - Stately Victor
3rd- Stay Put

Amy said...

From Morrison, CO:
Ice Box
Stately Victor