Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kentucky Derby Factoid 2

Derby Pie: Decades of Decadence. On Derby Day, Churchill Downs will sell more than 25,000 slices of Derby Pie to track attendees. At off-track parties, many Derby events order the pie from Louisville and have it shipped to their home for dessert. The Derby Pie, a trademarked name, is made by Kern’s Kitchen with custard, chocolate chips, and walnuts – all baked into a 9-inch crust. The recipe is highly coveted – only three people know the actual recipe. All employees of Kern’s Kitchen are required to sign an agreement not to divulge any of the Derby Pie secrets. The Derby Pie can be ordered by visiting the company website at http://www.derbypie.com.


Kara said...

Diggin' the factoids! I've never even heard of Derby Pie.

Nora said...

me neither... but it sounds really good!

Melanie said...

this looks so decadently delicious!!!