Monday, November 09, 2009

Breeder's Cup Contest Results

Congratulations Chris! Here are the results:

Chris- 62
Joan- 59
Conard- 50
Nora North- 43
Kara- 41
Nora- 39
Dad- 38
Hope- 37
John B.- 25
Lanie- 6 (she gave me her Classic picks by telephone)
Ben- 0


Nora said...

Chris: I'll let you have your choice of prizes. You can have a Calder Race Course Beach towel or one of my duplicate Derby glasses. I'll let you know what year when I get home.

Nora said...

Nora North: you can have the prize that Chris doesn't pick :-)

Nora of the North said...

Hi Nora of the South,

Thank you that is so nice of you. First time I've won a prize playing the horses.

Chris, congratulations on picking the most.

Chris C. said...

Thanks, Newie. I will go with the towel, as I already won Derby glasses this year.

Kara said...

How come I'm just hearing today that Bobby Frankel died?

Nora said...

Sorry... I was going to put it on my blog but forgot.