Thursday, May 14, 2009

The 2009 Preakness Contest

Attention players!

For the Preakness contest, you will only be picking two horses:
1. Pick the horse you think will win (50 pts.)
2. Pick the horse you think will finish last (50 pts.)

Any person who gets both the winner and the last placed horse will win 100 points and two Preakness glasses. All points earned will be added to your Derby points and carried over to the final contest, the Belmont Stakes. The one with the most points for all three races will win the Triple Crown contest and be the proud owner of the Triple Crown glass set. Here are the entrants:

Blackberry Preakness S. (G1)

1. Big Drama - 10 to 1
2. Mine That Bird - 6 to 1
3. Musket Man - 8 to 1
4. Luv Gov - 50 to 1
5. Friesan Fire - 6 to 1
6. Terrain - 30 to 1
7. Papa Clem - 12 to 1
8. General Quarters - 20 to 1
9. Pioneerof the Nile - 5 to 1
10. Flying Private - 50 to 1
11. Take the Points - 30 to 1
12. Tone It Down - 50 to 1
13. Rachel Alexandra - 8 to 5


Chris C. said...

I think Friesan Fire is a steal at 6-1.

Joan C for John said...

Winner: Musket Man
Loser: Luv Gov

Joan said...

Winner: Rachel Alexandra
Loser: Pioneerof the Nile

Nora said...

winner: Papa Clem
loser: Tone It Down

Chris C. said...

winner: rachel alexandra
loser: luv guv

just for fun:
1. rachel alexandria
2. friesan fire
3. mine that bird

Chris C. said...

fyi - "nora" is on this year's hurricane name list. Reminds me of a Neil Young song.

Anonymous said...

Big Drama to Win
Flying Private Last

Fresian Fire Win
Tone It Down Last

Jere said...

winner: Papa Clem

pulls up and ends up finishing last, the favorite: Rachel Alexandria

Kara said...

This is wicked hard! ; )

First: Mine That Bird
Last: Take The Points

Conard said...

winner: Rachel Alexandra
loser: Take The Points

Teri said...

winner: Rachel Alexandra
loser: Big Drama

Nora from the North said...

Winner - Musket Man
Loser - Take the Points

Nora from the North's Tom said...

Winner - Flying Private
Loser - Rachel Alexandra

Benjamin B. Clark said...

Winner: Rachel Alexanda
Loser:Flying Private

Melanie said...

Winner: Rachel Alexandra
Loser: Tone It Down

Winner: Rachel Alexandra
Loser: Take the Points

D-Man said...

Mine That Bird - Stuns the racing world...again. I can't wait to hear good old Chip Woolley in the interview after the race.

Big Drama - Despite Ocala connection won't be game.

Kara said...

Holy Schnikeys! That was a good one.