Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Trip To Great Falls, Montana Is In My Future

Conard and I will be taking a trip in his truck on Saturday to one of the coldest spots in the country. Wish us luck!


Kara said...

Flippin' sweet! Take lots of pics. I've always wanted to go to Montana.

Chris C. said...

In December? Yikes! Keep in mind - shared body heat can be your friend.

Joan C said...

I'm sure you will love it - when you live in Florida all the time it's a treat to visit the snowy North.

Have a safe trip, and as Kara mentioned take lots of pictures.

Merry Christmas - I've practically cancelled all activities other than choir - we are REALLY BUSY during this season. Christmas Eve at 11PM and right back in the morning at 10:15AM. I love it though.

I now have an IPod Nano- present from Frank and Michael, but John helped me buy it (he has one) and has given me instructions to figure it out by myself. So far, I can put it in the speaker unit and listen all day. It's nice to be able to choose your presents sometimes.