Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our Day After Thanksgiving Family Portrait


Kara said...

"Crazy band of misfits."

I almost posted this. Atta-girl for being on top of things.

Jere said...

I say this is a professional portrait, whereas Kim says it's "outside at night." Please settle this for us.

(Note that just because she's siding with "non-professional," doesn't mean Kim doesn't think the pic looks great!)

Nora said...

It is a professional portrait.... that being said, we were disappointed in how he posed us and the use of such a dark background. He did some shots in front of a white background, too, but this was the one we thought came out the best.

Jere said...


It looks fine--it's a good thing Ethan and Howie ducked when that low flying plane went by, though:)