Monday, November 17, 2008


Of the following words, which does not belong and what do the others have in common?

Evil, Fat, Roman, Double, Handlebar, Sweet, Cactus, Cauliflower


Kara said...

Hmmm. I have no idea.

I'm going to guess that all of them are or can be used as adjectives except for cauliflower. I know that's wrong, though. Just thought I'd throw out a guess in case.

Nora said...

Nope. Sahri!

Melanie said...

You're starting to scare me.

Chris C. said...

I am going to go with fat. Here is my thinking:

double chin
handlebar mustache
cauliflower ear
sweet tooth
roman nose
evil eye
cactus whiskers

Nora said...

Very close, Chris but CACTUS is the odd one out. The other words combine with facial features in common phrases.
-fat lip (plus the other ones you got right)

(I've never heard the expression "cactus whiskers")

Mel, we fear what we don't understand...

Chris C. said...

do i get partial credit?

Nora said...

Sure... I'll give you 98% credit for solving it.

Chris C. said...