Tuesday, September 02, 2008

E-Mail Deprivation Anxiety Has a Name: 'Discomgoogolation'

A new British study has found that heavy Internet users often suffer from severe anxiety when not able to access the Web when and where they please. This does not qualify as news to anyone who has been sans e-mail for more than a day. What is news is the severity of the physiological fluctuation that accompanies "Discomgoogolation."

According to the report, the blood pressure and brain activity of those tested increased substantially when cut off from Internet access. The anxiety experienced was similar to that of a person about to take a test and in some cases equal to that of someone who was just fired. Story here.

(Does this count as Word Of The Week?)


Kara said...

Interesting. I say yes to the WoTW.

Chris C. said...

best WoTW ever