Friday, August 22, 2008

Dear T.S. Fay,

Please Go AWAY!!!


joanc said...

Even though New Englanders go through a lot of hurricanes, they are still scary and cause a lot of trouble.

However, when I read that many alligators and snakes had surfaced in Florida during this one, I was very glad that I was no where near it. I am terrified of snakes. Yes, terrified.

joanc said...

Today starts the beginning of two weeks with CSPAN for all the proceedings of the political conventions. Yes, I really do watch almost every minute.

Already this campaign has shown signs of being very dirty - the result of our 24/7 news cycle with texting, emails, blogs etc. The major newspapers are laying off people in record numbers. John Delcos was laid off this past week after 10 years with the Journal News - A Gannett paper. He says he's going to continue to blog on his own.