Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quote Of The Day: Hialeah Park

“I think that getting that track open again and making it as beautiful as it was before will be an uplifting event for a sport that could use a few more uplifting events, If I’m able to pull this off, when those doors open I’m going to fight hard to make sure it is successful.”
Halsey Minor, 43-year-old Virginia multimillionaire has spoken by phone with Hialeah Park owner John Brunetti with plans to meet him in person to discuss the possible purchase of the Miami track in the coming weeks. Story Here


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that someone will try to work with Brunetti and restore Hialeah Race Track. I spent time there when I was living in Florida and it truly is my favorite race track. Just the entrance alone is/was magnificent. I had some family history there as my Grandfather - Walter Baldwin - always wintered in Miami and was a regular at Hialeah.

joanc said...

Oops - not anonymous.

Nora said...

I think taking Brunetti out of the picture will be the key. He just can't seem to compromise.

I agree about Hialeah, definitely the best track in Florida!