Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pre-Belmont Quotes

“Dear Big Brown, I heard you were feeling down. Get better soon,
win the Triple Crown.”

A card, that includes a drawing of a horse with a colorful bandage on his left front foot, outside Big Brown’s stall from “Lucy,” who attends the Anna House child-care center at Belmont Park

“I think the further the race, the more it becomes a rider’s race. I
think decisions that riders make have more impact on the outcome,more so than sprints or seven-eighths of a mile and races like that. Yeah, the further you go, the more important decision-making process becomes for a jockey.”

Retired Racing Hall of Fame jockey Chris McCarron on why jockeys are so important in the Belmont Stakes

“Some people wanted me to get someone to set up interviews and organize the media stuff. ‘Why would I want to do that?’ If someone wants to talk to me, all they have to do is ask me or call me up and ask. I answer phone calls and I answer everyone’s questions, don’t I? I think I’m pretty good about answering all the questions.”

Richard Dutrow Jr., trainer of Big Brown, during a press conference on Monday on the Belmont Park backstretch


joanc said...

OK Here's my comment.

I am getting sick and tired of Dutrow and his merry band of off- shore money guys. Yes, today's media frenzy operates 24/7, but no excuses for bad behavior please.

In the words of the late Eugene Jacobs to me after Joanie's Chief broke his maiden:

"The horse is the star, and he's not talking. Neither should you."

His niece, Patrice Wolfson the owner of the last Triple Crown Winner, who became a friend to me, also followed "Uncle's" rules.

I wish everyone would.

Nora said...

Amen to that, Joan!

Chris C. said...

I am not sure what is obnoxious about this quote. Admittedly, this ownership group doesn't give you the warm fuzzies, but I don't understand what is wrong with what he said here.