Sunday, May 04, 2008

Derby Contest Results

First - Thanks to everyone who played! It was an exciting and close contest this year.

Second - Don't forget that this is only the first leg of the contest. There will also be a Preakness and Belmont contest AND an overall winner of the three races. 

Third - There are no losers, only Non-Winners on Horse Circle! No other contest is as forgiving so stick with it for the other races!

And now the results....

Drum roll please....

Amy - 55
Chris C - 54
Kara - 54
Joan C. - 53
Ben - 53
Greenpeace2 (Hope) - 50
Sophie - 49
Little Howie - 47
Big Howie - 44
HT - 44
Nora - 42
Woodotter (Mark) - 37
Damon - 37
Emma - 37
Nora of the North - 33
Conard - 33
Courtney - 29
Melanie - 28
Ethan - 25

Congratulations Amy! Nice win without even picking the winner. Round one and two Derby glasses go to you. I hope to see everyone back here in two weeks.


Chris C. said...

If only Monba had finished in 18th place! (oh the bitterness)

Melanie said...

Objection! I ALMOST picked Eight Belles. That should count for something!!

Amy said...

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Nora said...

Since when does ALMOST count?

Amy said...

Never. Everybody knows that.