Friday, February 01, 2008

Horse Quiz: Match Horse With Owner

Horse - Owner

Buttermilk - Stonewall Jackson
Champion - Velvet Brown
Commanche - Tonto
Copenhagen - Don Quixote
Little Sorrel - Roy Rogers
Rocinante - Duke Of Wellington (Battle of Waterloo)
Scout - US Army (Battle of Little Big Horn)
The Pie - Robert E. Lee
Traveller - Gene Autry
Trigger - Dale Evans


Kara C. said...

Trigger - Roy Rogers

Little Sorrel - Stonewall Jackson
The Pie - Velvet Brown
Scout - Tonto
Rocinante - Don Quixote
Copenhagen - Duke of Wellington
Commanche -US Army
Traveller - Robert E. Lee
Champion - Gene Autry
Buttermilk - Dale Evans

Kara C. said...

That was hard. I'm surprised that Alec Ramsey and "The Black" didn't make the cut. Maybe because they are fictional? : )

Nora said...

Joan C. sent it to me... her brother sent it to her. Not sure of the origin before that. I had to Google almost all of them too!