Friday, January 11, 2008

My Previous Post Made Me Think Of This:

Do you say H-E-R-B

or E-R-B?

I can't help myself.... I always say H-E-R-B!


Kara C. said...

Eddie Izzard, my favorite comedian, is from England and was talking about some of the english words that Americans and Brits pronounce and/or spell differently. The word "herb" came up. He says that English people say herb with the h sound "because there's a f*cking H in it." Funny. I say it without the h unless I'm pretending to be Eddie.

Nora said...

I DO manage to say Erbal, as in erbal tea or Erbal Essence Shampoo, but everything else is Herb.

Chris C. said...

definitely erb. eddie izzard is hysterical!