Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Favorite Water

Aquafina bottled water is by far the best of any of the bottled waters I have tried. It has a clean, pure and fresh flavor to it. Do you have a bottled water preference?

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Poland Springs
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Kara C. said...

Definitely Aquafina. The ones I HATE are: Arrowhead (in California) and whatever the Market Basket generic brand is. It tastes like Aquafina.

Glad you're safely home. Or at least, at a good rest stop with wireless internet. : )

Kara C. said...

Oops! I meant to say it tastes like Arrowhead (not Aquafina). Idiot!

Melanie said...

I usually drink Poland Springs, because that's what it means to be from Maine.

Are you singing it right now??

joanc said...

Believe it or not, I actually have real water that comes out of the faucet anytime I want it.

I like the idea of Barbaro's ashes at Churchill - I always noted the Ruffian ashes at Belmont.

I am immersed in politics these days - Brian is getting so goofy he is telling stories on the blog; and will also be covering the Mitchell Report Oversight Hearings for John's blog.

I'd like to see some real resolution of this issue - my concern is not for MLB or the $$$$$rich athletes, but for the hundreds of thousands of kids all over the country who take assorted drugs/steroids to emulate their sports heros. I know the Committee has been flooded with letters from parents who want and need help to get their kids clean. Several young boys have hung themselves due to hormonal changes occuring from the steroids. It's just got to stop - Rep. Davis of Virginia says he will shut down the season using the anti-trust clause if the results are not satisfactory.

Others on the committee have said they have no problem sending the drug abusing/illegal purchasing athletes to jail if they don't tell the truth.

Enough is enough.