Monday, January 14, 2008

All In Good Fun

Yesterday's football results are sure to pit brother-in-law against brother-in-law in our family. We are now down to four teams:

San Diego Chargers - (Ben)

New England Patriots - (Damon and Howie)

Green Bay Packers - (Conard)

New York Giants -

This ought to be interesting (... as long as New England wins!)


Chris C. said...

I'm with Conard at this point, although I do want to see the Pats in the super bowl so that there is a bigger audience for their demise!

greenpeace2 said...

Go Packers!!!!!!!, Go Chargers!!!!

Go Packers!!! vs Chargers

Melanie said...

Chris, How are you not a Patriots fan?? A good New England boy like yourself????

Chris C. said...

You have been sadly misinformed, Mel. I may be a good boy (ahem), but I am not from New England.

Nora said...

Yeah, but you lived there in your formative years... that should count for something!

Chris C. said...

Those were your formative years, deary! I was 20 when I moved to NH. I was formed pretty darned well by then according to some references I can provide if necessary.