Monday, December 17, 2007

Self- Googling

This made me laugh...

A recent study shows that 47% of US adult internet users have confessed to plugging thier own name into a search engine to see what comes up.

53% have searched for someone else, excluding celebrities. (Friends, family, coworkers, and romantic interests)

So what about you?

Have You Ever Googled Yourself?
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Have You Googled A Friend or Co-worker?
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Melanie said...

Hell, yes.

Have we officially lost Chris as a sister? I haven't heard from him in weeks now.

Nora said...

He's around... he commented on my WeeMee twice. Never give up on Chris. He's a Smith Girl's junkie!

joan said...

Of course the answer is yes to both questions. And, in fact, I google almost anything even crossword puzzle clues!

Nora said...

I see that in 7 votes, we are still 100% yes to Googling ourselves