Sunday, December 30, 2007

Giant Killers

The Patriots earn a thrilling comeback victory against the NY Giants last night, and in doing so make history!
1. They end the regular season undefeated (16-0)
2. Brady breaks the record by throwing 50 TD passes.
3. Moss breaks the record with 22 TD receptions.
4. Patriots earn 589 points for another single season record.
Go NE Patriots! You make this simple NE girl proud!


Melanie said...

I didn't stay up until the end of the game. It seems like once I stopped watching and went to bed, the Pats turned it around. I wasn't sure of the outcome until about 11:30 when I heard cheers and generally excited hollering coming from the neighborhood somewhere.

Kara C. said...

I caught the second half. It was exciting to see them win it.

Chris C. said...

simple or simple-minded?

Nora said...

a bit of both, perhaps!

joan said...

No more comments about a 'simple NE girl'. They simply don't apply.

Note - I'm sending a New Year's article from the Times in your honor as my New Year's message - feel free to post it on the blog. Hope you like it.