Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Eclipse Award Winning Photo of 2007

Douglas Lees has earned the 2007 Media Eclipse Award for photography for his picture “Down to Earth” of jockey Will Haynes and his mount, Navesink View, tumbling over a fence at the International Gold Cup on October 20 at Great Meadow Race Course in The Plains, Virginia.
The photograph appeared in the sports section of the Fauquier, Virginia, Times Democrat on October 24.
The photo represents the second Media Eclipse Award for photography for Lees, 57. He won his first bronze statue in 1978 for a steeplechase photo published in the Fauquier Democrat. Lees was also an honorable mention for the in 1980, ‘81, and ‘94.


Chris C. said...

They don't say what happened to the rider!

Nora said...

go to and read the story. I'm sure horse and rider are fine or they wouldn't have used that picture.

Melanie said...

That's an amazing shot!