Friday, September 14, 2007

What were you thinking?

Bill, you have let us down. We believe that our team can win without cheating! Come clean, fess up, purge your conscience if you expect us to drop it and move on.

From Brian William's blog this afternoon: (sent to me by Joan Chapman)

'Today a close friend of mine who is a devout Patriots fan offered Bill Belichick the following advice:'

"Buy some clothing other than a torn sweatshirt. Put on a shirt. And for goodness' sake, try a tie. Shower, shave, comb your hair. You're on national television now, 24 hours a day. And as to WHY you're on national television non-stop? Stop the stonewalling -- it's insulting. If you really want us all to move on and pay attention to the next Patriots game, as you keep saying, cop to what you did. Your answers sound like Watergate. Speaking of which, tell us: What did you know, and when did you know it, coach?"


Joan Chapman said...

Nora - it looks great - you've even got the perfect picture!

Nora said...

My friend (Greenpeace II) sent me a remark about this incident earlier today in the comment section of my "Jonathan Brady is born" post. I'm sure she will be pleased to once again say "Go BEARS!" to me in this post! I obviously don't give up on my team or even Belichick's coaching ability, but I an VERY disappointed. I hope he can stand up and be accountable for his actions.

Melanie said...

He looked guilty to me.

Kara C. said...

Yes, this is sad news to hear. It definitely taints the amazing factor of the team. I like to win fair and square.

Amy said...

Have I ever told you I hate football?

Well, I hate football.

Nora said...

Whose sister are you?

Joan Chapman said...

Amy -
Time for the truth from me, I hate football too. And it was an Al Pacino movie called "Any Given Sunday" that was the last straw. The opening scenes of the movie show in vivid close-ups the beginning of a football game with only the sounds and the sights on the field, in the huddle etc.-- all the blood, vomiting punching, kicking hitting and simply the violence between and among players that is commonplace and not often seen or heard. I've never watched a game since I walked out of that movie.

Yes, I love sports, but these days I get my NFL information weekly on Sunday mornings from 9AM to noon, when Mike Francesa's excellent radio show "The NFL Now with Mike Francesa" is on the WFAN (and also streams live on the WFAN website). There are interviews, weather reports, and detailed information from reporters on each team. Mike's best friend is Bill Parcells (they own horses together) and Mike's done this show for 20 years on WFAN. I've listened all that time and if I know anything, I learned from Mike, Phil Simms, Jim Nance etc. I also love the music that opens the show so much that I've chosen it to be played as the recessional at my funeral.

(my lawyer, Joanne Ryan, subjected me to Estate Planning over last winter and covered everything "while you are in your right mind" and I'm glad she made me do it. Everything is on our computers and the signed paperwork in a vault at her law firm)

The music is the NFL theme a piece so uplifting and triumphant that it could have been written by Handel. Don't know how one get's hold of it, or if there are copyright issues, but it won't be my problem - I hear it every Sunday morning.

Amy said...

Yes, the violence is what bothers me, too. Too much testosterone running around that field. I don't get it.
(And, it doesn't help that I don't understand the game, either.)
I like baseball. It's about skill and strategy (and luck) and I find it very enjoyable to watch. Not a contact sport, although last nights Red Sox/Yankees game seemed otherwise.
Another bad sport-boxing.

Nora said...

I admit that boxing makes me a little queasy... but not football. I think there is more violence on regular tv than in football.

Chris C. said...

Patriots are cheaters! Maybe Bellichek isn't such a genius afterall. Turn in those rings!

Go Eagles!