Sunday, September 09, 2007

Four Cents

So I finally opened my mail from Saturday and lo and behold, it looks like I bounced a check by four cents! Yup, you heard me, four cents! My bank, being the fine financial institution that it is, offers a program called OOPS (occasional overdraft protection service) so the check was covered but my account is being charged $30.04. So here are my thoughts:

1. I feel stupid (and just a little peeved at the bank)

2. I feel like the Apple Financing group got wind of this and is sitting in a big board room saying "I don't know if we should let her buy her MacBook. Maybe all of her payments will be short by four cents. We should take the full 10 business days to make a decision."

3. I am going to the bank first thing tomorrow morning to make a deposit and perhaps give them my two cents worth.... twice!


Nora said...

PS: I can handle any ball-busting that may come from bouncing a check, but will not tolerate any ball-busting on how I actually felt compelled enough to take a picture of 4 pennies. With that out of the way, feel free to comment!

Amy said...

I like the pennies photo.

Kara C. said...

I LOVE that you took a picture of four pennies. I think you should email it to the bank to prove that you have the actual $0.04! Bastards!!!

Melanie said...

Bankers are bitches.

Nora said...

Banks suck! Me and Kara were just talking about how if someone gives you a check, you deposit it, and it bounces, your own bank charges YOU! That is truly adding insult to injury! Greedy BASTARDS!!!