Friday, August 31, 2007

John Henry

At age 32, John Henry is in the best health that he has been in the previous few years. He was always a disagreeable old horse, hard to catch and give his medication to. His caretakers at the Kentucky Horse Park were at the point that they thought each day could be his last. His advanced age and Cushings Disease were really taking a toll on his body condition. In trying to figure out a way to get John Henry to exercise more, one of his caretakers decided to walk him through the park. After the first few weeks they noticed a dramatic difference to his attitude and condition. He also became more agreeable. Now they give him his head and let him walk wherever he wants. The park visitors can walk right up to him and he appears to basque in the limelight that he knows he deserves. Here's to many more healthy years to an old champion with a new lease on life.

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Kara C. said...

That's interesting! A good testament to the benefits of exercise, too.