Friday, August 17, 2007

Campaign Earth Challenge

This month's challenge is to reduce your driving by 5 miles.

By signing up for the "Put on your walking shoes." challenge, you have:

1. Created an average monthly CO2 Savings of 20 pounds.
2. Reduced the amount of congestion in your local community by driving less.
3. Minimized your contribution to global warming.

Here are some suggestions on how to accomplish this goal:

1. Walk or bike or rollerblade. Dust off that old backpack and start using it again to ferry your goods from the local store to home. We're all 'guilty' of becoming lazy to our modern day convenience, like driving to a store that is 1/2 mile away!

2. Plan your road trips. When it's time to run your Saturday errands, include all the places you have to go to rather than making separate trips. Also, park in a central location so you can walk to some of the places you need to go! This will not only shorten the total distance, but it will also keep your catalytic converter hot for the entire trip, which will decrease your fuel consumption.

3. Go ahead and surf. According to a study by the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions, each minute spent driving to the mall uses more than 10 times the energy of a minute spent shopping on line.

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