Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Barry Bonds

OK, so maybe I don't know anything about baseball, but what's the big deal over Barry Bonds tying Hank Aaron's record of homeruns?

Why is he still being accused of cheating despite the fact that he has never failed a steroid test?

Just because he is depicted as "unlikeable" and "a jerk" by the press doesn't make him a cheater.

Where do you stand?


Kara C. said...

I don't know much other than the basic dislike people have for him and how he is perceived by the media, etc. I think he is a bit of a prima-donna and crybaby. Don't quote me on this, but I think much of the steroids issue has to do with the speculation that he "was" using them for years while he was hitting lots of homers... so how great is his record really? Perhaps he is clean now that there is so much heat on the issue, but...

Anyway, I might be totally wrong about all that.

Nora said...

speculation is speculation... also how does any steroid help with hand/ eye coordination? I don't believe steroids can give you talent where there is none.

What about Hank Aaron? How did he manage to do it so long ago? Was he on steroids? If not, it isn't such an unlikely feat after all.