Wednesday, July 25, 2007

#1 Sister Again!

Check out the china I got to match Kara's at the Thrift Store... 8 plates for $3! Pretty close match to her Lenox Faith. The ones I got are Crown Victoria Lovelace. Awesome!


Kara C. said...

Big score for me!!! You are the best!

Kara C. said...

The deal really is amazing. sells each Crown Victoria- Lovelace dinner plate for $13.99. You purchased 8 for $3 ($.38 each). At Replacements that would have been $111.92. Talk about great deals!

Nora said...

I thought that 8 matching plates was a good enough deal alone... but knowing how well they match yours has really got me stoked! I'll have to go back to the Thrift Store and see if there were any matching pieces.